Devon Life We have our new sheep.

12th November 2018

The long wait is now over. Back in August we went to Bath to have a look at some Greyface Dartmoor ewes. At the moment we have two Greyface wethers (castrated male sheep) and have loved their temperament so thought about getting some more. As the Greyface Dartmoor sheep is on the rare breeds list we decided that we would get some ewes and try and breed them.

This is BOB. (Blackadder fans may understand)

We were new to sheep keeping about two years ago, there is lots to learn and it’s an ongoing lesson. Each breed of sheep is different, they have their ‘breed traits’.
But each sheep is different too, they all have their own idiosyncrasies. When you drive by a field of sheep they all look the same but if you spend time with them you find out they are not.
The breeder we purchased the ‘ladies’ from has a large flock (about 10% of the registered Greyface Dartmoors in the country).
So, with their help we whittled down, from the ones available, the ones we were going to buy.
After choosing our girls we decided to leave them so they could be tupped (served by a ram), this means we don’t have to buy or arrange to borrow a ram.

And now they are with us.
Let me introduce you to (from left to right):
Curly Sue

Yes, we have chosen alphabetically…….but they wouldn’t stand in that order!

If you are staying at Moorparks Holiday Cottages, you will be able to see these lovely sheep up close together with our Alpacas and chickens. If you’re lucky, you may even spot them on the animal web cams.