Devon Life The Waddle on Inn duck house

The ‘ The Waddle on Inn ‘ started about a month ago. Michele said she wanted some ducks, Indian Runner ducks. Well, to be honest it didn’t start like that, it evolved into that.
To start with it was just going to be a box with a roof. It started raining and I started looking on the internet and then got carried away. That’s really how it started. I searched for duck house plans and duck house construction. I eventually found something which i thought looked great……but no plans. So, for that reason I had to make it from scratch.


It’s strange, but not until after I had almost finished the duck house and cleared up the mess I made did I find out about the shelter. Michele also wanted a shelter for them from the sun, so then the stables were born. Quackie Chan’s Stables.
James ? James Pond, yes I found out I had to make that after I had finished the shelter.


Making the Waddle on Inn

As I had no ‘proper’ plans I made some rough sketches of what I wanted in my little plan book (yes, it’s real). I didn’t realise how big an indian runner duck is. A male can be upto about 75cm tip to tail! The house had to be pretty big even though we are only starting with a few ducks.
I ordered a load of wood (I think the correct term is over-ordered) ready to start. I cleared a space in the man cave which is never easy.The duck house and shelter are made in panels and fitted together after paint/stain. Even with the ‘plans’ there was a lot of ‘make it up as you go along’.
Luckily, some friends down the road had some metal roofing left over from an old shed. So, we just have to see what the ducks think of it now!
After a month of building, finally Michele is off to Moonridge Farm now to collect them!

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