Devon Life Sheepdog & Falconry display

5th September 2018

Sheepdog & Falconry display

We spent yesterday evening at a Borough Farm Sheepdog and Falconry Displays, Farmyard show in Woolacombe with Cathy and Stuart from Woolley Animals. This was the last show of the year but is usually on every Wednesday evening from May to September. The show started off with a falconry display and then moved on to the sheepdogs showing their skills with both sheep and ducks.


A great evening if the weather is good and all the kids seemed to love it.


Look closely and you will see the Harris Hawk mid flight

Falconry 2

You should be able to see the Kestrel, but may be looking at the stunning view or sea


Food and drinks on site, A great evening

Borough Farm also do a Farmyard show (which I think is aimed at the younger audience) and a ‘Experience Shepherding Walk‘ .