Devon Life Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre

28th October 2018

We only recently found out about Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre from friends. So we were really pleased when they invited us to join them on their visit today.
The Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre is home to the National Fairground Collection and the Fairground Heritage Trust. It is a facility unique in the UK. There are superb displays of Fairground Art and Memorabilia, and a large array of vintage rides, stalls and shows. The vintage fairground rides operate every day throughout the season.

There are special themed events throughout the season, in addition to which they are open every day from April through to the end of October and weekends in November and December.

Dingles Fairground

Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre

Dingles Fairground Vehicles

Dingles Fairground Vehicles

Dingles Fairground Organ

Dingles Fairground Organ

The Fairground Heritage Trust holds a unique collection for the nation that spans from the 1800s up to the present day. The artwork on rides and shows mirrors the social changes going on across the world. References to popular culture, fashions and trends were commonplace, often lasting for the duration of that trend before vanishing to be replaced by the next.

Dingles Bumber cars

One of our favourites of the day, the bumper cars.

Dingles Dodgems

It was serious out there!

Dingles Fairground 2p machines

This WAS the favourite. Back to all the 1p & 2p machines from seaside visits.

There was lots to see and do. There was some amazing pieces of machinery and lots of fun rides. We had a couple of goes on the dodgems, I think there may have been some team tactics going on

Dingles Fairground rides
Dingles Fairground Rides 2
Dingles Fairground Devon

There is a gift shop on site and a cafe serving basic food and drink. A great day out for kids and adults.

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