Devon Life Devon Air Ambulance donation

29th March 2019

The base for Devon air ambulance is about three miles away. We very often see the helicopter fly over our property on the way to an emergency.
You may not know that it’s donations which keep the helicopters flying.
Our guests receive eggs and logs in the cottages on arrival but can purchase extra if needed. All of the money raised goes to Devon air ambulance and we at Moorparks match the amout given by guests.

It’s a wonderful charity, but I have always loved helicopters which may be part of the reason for chosing it. In early 2000 I went for a trial helicopter lesson….and couldn’t stop after the one!

If you’re interested in learning to fly a helicopter, have a look at my helicopter lessons from the first to the day I got my license.

We would like to thank all those who bought eggs and logs from us last year (2018).Last year we also had a number of donations which is really appreciated. We raised a total of £159.60 which goes to Devon Air Ambulance Trust. Many thanks