Devon Life Beaford Autumn Show 2018

15th September 2018

Beaford’s 5th Annual Autumn show is a big date in the Beaford calender. There are about 400 people living in Beaford and most of them came at some time during the day.There are smaller events and competitions leading upto the big day. This year there were scarecrows made from flower pots, summer wreath displays which were hung on front doors, a quiz and a Prosecco and Pimms cream tea.


There were some great flowerpot scarecrows.

There was a lot go on during the day
• Refreshments – tea coffee, cakes, bar and barbeque
• Ferret racing
• Bouncy castle
• Bovver Boys skiffle band
• Classic cars
• Face painting
• Auction of show produce
• Enter your dog into the fun agility exercises

Hung on the doors and judged from the road.

The show started at 2.00pm but the doors were open early for all the entries to register.
The first year we came to the show was a little strange, coming from Reading where there is nothing like this. We had only been in Devon for two months and it was one of the first times we had gone out as there was so much to do.

I managed to get in a take a few pictures as the entries started to come in.


They take it very seriously down here….or should I say we take it seriously.


Early morning and the tables are filling up.


There were a large number of classes, from the normal veg to the largest Doc leaf! (If that had been quantity, I would have won)

This is the first year we have entered anything, obviously the royal ‘we’ as Michele did all the hard work. We did enter some of our apples, they are the tastiest apples and everyone has said how good they are. Unfortunately, apples don’t get tasted! Ours were the smallest there and our garden is stuffed with huge apples at the moment. Next year will will be prepared.
So Michele entered a banana loaf, some chutney, some of the girls eggs and blackberry jam.


A First place for Michele’s banana loaf.


A first place for Michele’s Chutney. It is really good.


A second place for the girls eggs. These are from the new girls so were a little small, next year girls you’ll be winners.

Winning or not, it was a really enjoyable day which everybody seemed to enjoy.
The people who organise it did a fantatsic job again, every one of them a volunteer and giving so much time to put on this event.


The ferret racing was a popular event with huge amounts of money changing hands. 😉


The clouds looked menacing, but it stayed dry. The BBQ and bar were always busy.


Time for the prizes to be handed out.


You can’t argue with judging. But how can this only get second ? The standard of craft was very high.


There was a large number of childrens entries.


Lots for kids to do, a real family day out.