Devon Life A little bit of Lambing practice

16th February 2019

When we collected our Greyface Dartmoor girls they had already been with the ram and hopefully expecting.
We have recently been on a fantastic lambing course, held at our farm vet, which taught us a great deal. The people we bought them from were kind enough to invite us back to see what happens at lambing time and hopefully gain a bit more knowledge ready for when our ladies lamb.
We only have 5 ewes at the moment, they have hundreds and are one of the largest breeders of Greyface Dartmoor sheep in the UK. The advantage of a visit to them is that we were almost guaranteed to see some lambs being born, and we did.

As this is our first experience with lambing our own ewes, it was great to see the change in behaviour that the ewes go through prior and post birth. Watching the order of ‘What to do and when’ was very useful and we will be putting a lot of that into practice.
So, many thanks to Rachel and John for showing us the ropes.

We can’t say a bit about lambing without being able to hear the lambs, so hear is a short clip of mums and lambs.