Sheep as Pets

We got our first three sheep just before the alpacas.
We knew we wanted some sheep but had no idea how to look after them or what we should be doing. We found a training course which took us through the basics of sheep care. Strangely enough, the people running the course also had some lambs for sale.
We loved the Ryeland lambs but also saw a lovely Ryeland/Exmoor cross ewe lamb, so we bought the three.
Sheep as pets ? We don’t eat meat so they are here for life…..a long life. Usually a lamb would be ready for your plate at about 5 months, so they don’t get a chance to get used to people. Ours are cuddly sheep, and they know it.
You may see the sheep on one of our animal web cams.


Lamb Chop is the only lady we have in the pet field, the others are wethers. Lamb Chop is named after an old TV puppet.


Boris is the boss, he is a Ryeland.


Chewbacca (Chewie) is a coloured Ryeland and second in command to Boris.

Our second purchase of sheep was after seeing some Greyface Dartmoor sheep at a show. The breed is very striking, and on the rare breeds list. We have now had them for just over a year and have bought five pedigree ewes which should produce lambs in March.


This is the very first time Chewie met the alpacas. I’m not sure who was more confused.


Jumbo is one of our two Greyface Dartmoor boys.


Dougal is the other Greyface Dartmoor.

Five pet sheep is enough. Well it is unless you visit Woolley Animals ! We visit quite often and Larry had been a cade lamb which they had looked after. Not your standard lamb as he walked around with the dogs, probably thought he was a dog. We offered him a home and he has been with us since. He’s a cuddly sheep who likes to go for a walk with us.

Larry is the clever one. That’s why he has his own iPad and Facebook page.

Moorparks-Holiday-cottages-Larry -lamb

Larry the lamb a few days after he arrived with us.

Moorparks-Holiday-cottages-Larry -lamb

Larry a little bigger now, too big to pick up.