It’s a strange name for a cat, Napoleon.
He is getting on in years, but even now when he sits down and puffs his chest out you can see that someone put a lot of thought into naming him.
About a year after our last two cats, Donut and Snoopy, died we made the decision to get another cat. Both Donut and Snoopy lived to 18 years old, snoopy was Donut’s daughter.
We went to a cat rehoming center in Maidenhead but, as usual, Michele Liked one cat and I preferred another.

Yes, we ended up with two again. Napoleon and Smudge came to live with us. Unfortunately, Smudge died a few years before we moved to Devon. Napoleon has loved the move from Reading, he was picked on by every other cat in the neighbourhood but down here he is the boss…..after all, the rest of the animals are behind fencing.


Moorparks - Napoleon

Napoleon watching over his territory