Greyface Dartmoor sheep history

  • The Greyface Dartmoor is a rare breed of domestic sheep originating around Dartmoor in south west England. Also known as the “Improved Dartmoor”, this is a large and long-woolled breed, known for its distinctive facial markings
  • In the 19th century improvements were carried out using longwool breeds to try to develop a more profitable breed.
  • The Dartmoor Sheep Breeders’ Association, formed in 1909 to try to promote the breed beyond the South West and indeed the breed is widespread throughout the country although mostly in very small flocks.


The Greyface Dartmoor produces a heavy, versatile fleece well suited for use in carpet and other hard wearing woollen products. There is the potential to create added value products from the fleece. Staple length- 25-30cm. Fleece weight- 7- 9kg. Quality- 36s-40s.

A purebred Greyface Dartmoor lamb can reach 16-20kg within 4 months. The breed remains lean and is suitable for taking onto heavier weights, 25-30kg  at around 8-9 months.

The long, curly, lustre wool can used to make blankets, carpets and cloth.

We are pleased to say that our first five ewes will be arriving at Moorparks sometime in October. The breeder we have purchased them from is putting them with a ram before we collect them. We hope to have our first lambs in March.

We collected our girls on 12th November, have a look.

If you are staying at Moorparks Holiday Cottages, you will be able to see these lovely sheep up close together with our Alpacas and chickens. If you’re lucky, you may even spot them on the animal web cams.