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Woolley Animals Alpaca Walking.

Woolley Animals, North Devon alpaca trekking offer bespoke goat and alpaca walking experiences. Walking through open grazing, woodland and along the riverbank. You can join us for a morning or afternoon with our friendly alpaca boys. Furthermore there are also woolly Swiss Valais Blacknose Sheep and wooly Pygmy goats you can feed here. In addition, you can enjoy a cream tea after in the Devon countryside.
Walking an alpaca will be an experience to remember !

Discounts available for all Moorparks guests. (and staff 😉 ) www.woolleyanimals.co.uk or call 01769 520300.

PLEASE do not wait until you are here before booking, this WILL be booked up!

Obviously, the perfect place to stay would be Moorparks Barn or Moorparks Cottage.


Moorparks were invited to try the walking experience………have a look at our day.


Woolley animals alpaca walking